Fishing and Camping Equipment – Best Fishing Kayak Guide

Are you the one who likes camping and fishing and consider it as one of the best leisure sports? Among outdoor sports, fishing Kayak is one of the most trending sports. If you are a fisherman, a recreational kayaker or simply a fisherman, Kayak fishing is exciting for all. You can explore new waters and reach distant fish, you can do it to fulfill your passion or just to explore a not-so-expensive water sport, whatever your purpose is, Kayak fishing is for everyone.

It is relatively safer and lot more easy than the traditional forms of fishing. These days and in fact from last so many years, manufacturers are constructing kayaks specially for fishermen, which are outstandingly comfortable and manageable in relatively rough weather conditions. The best fishing Kayaks, among other fishing and camping equipment, are available with features like rod holders, live-wells, anchor systems and even tackle hatchers. However you should always opt for best fishing kayaks, one that suits you and your requirement, after all, you should be comfortable using it.

Fishing Kayak

A guide to best fishing Kayak:

Always remember, there is no one-size-fits-all, when it comes to selecting the right Kayak, it all depends upon where and when are you planning to use it, are you going to use it in fresh water ponds, or streams, rivers and what is your target, which kind of fish are you planning to catch. Your plan can also include Kayaking in estuaries or saltwater harbors to catch bluefishes. Or you just want to pursue your passion and enjoy in it under the blue sky in an ocean?

Other important factors to choose best fishing Kayak are whether you are going to use it purely for recreation purpose or you really want to catch some fish and make money.

Once you zeroed down your purpose behind Kayaking, it is time to look for the options which matches your desired criteria. The best thing to finalize one is to take a demo! You can take a demo at a local Paddlesport shop or Marina.

One more important point before buying is you must understand that not all Kayaks are suitable for all activities, you have to decide the must-have’ features and features that you can do without too. Once all this is set in your mind, you can traverse on the path of finalizing the best fishing Kayak that serves your intended purpose. There are SIK i.e Sit inside Kayak and SOK, ie. Sit On Kayak, then there are other things like propulsion, length, width, weight, capacity, storage option, stand and fish capacity etc to look for.

Here are few options for Kayaks for you:

· Eddyline C-135 Yakattack

· Elie Coast 120XE Angler

· Feelfree Lure 11.5

· Feelfree Move Angler




· Hobie MIRAGE PRO 17T

Top 3 Best Tents for Camping

Regardless of how old we get or how wrapped up we are in the unending ongoings of our day to day lives, there are couple of things that convey us withdraw to peaceful outdoors other than unplugging and dashing towards the woodland for an extended remain. Be it with the whole family, old companions, an exceptional somebody, or just yourself, camping helps you get back in contact with the world we deserted such a long time ago for LED screens and elevated structures. Try not to succumb to those “best deals” out there for tents. Truth be told, below are top 3 best tent for camping.

1. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1

Now and again it’s best to go at only it. Or if nothing else rests at only it. Since truly, who need to listen to somebody wheeze throughout the night? So for these solitary wolves, the ALPS Lynx 1 is the tent to get. It’s unattached, two-post outline with 7000 Series aluminum shafts guarantee quality and sturdiness, a factory fixed fly and floor creases brag the best in weather assurance, and its vestibule for gear stockpiling and additional weather insurance makes this home far from home your right-hand-man in outdoor security. The tent additionally features 20 square feet of floor space.

2. Coleman Red Canyon

Coleman Red Canyon Tent

In case you’re hoping to carry your whole house with you on an end of the week camping trip then the Coleman Red Canyon is calling your name. Measuring 17-by-10 feet, the tent is sufficiently extensive to rest eight campers Furthermore, features removable security dividers permitting dwellers to make up to three separate rooms inside the tent. Its Weathertec System is ensured to keep campers dry if the sky happens to open up amid the excursion and, regardless of the size, setup is simple because of stun corded shafts and simple-to-take after instructions.

3. Black Diamond HiLight

Because the weather gets somewhat colder doesn’t imply that the craving to camp ought to head into hibernation too. Winter camping can be an incredible time to escape without the stress of crowded campsites. All you need is the correct gear. Furthermore, to the extent tents are concerned, the Black Diamond is the genuine article. It’s more than two post configuration gives double the quality and features a dribble free awning. There is likewise a work window on the entryway and back divider for ventilation, a 2000mm story for warmth and discretionary ground fabric for extra comfort.

Best Fish Finders Buying Guide

With all the features of a common fish finder aggravated by the number of models in the market, it can truly be overwhelming for a fledgling purchaser to pick the best fish finder. Below are features of the best fish finder.

Display screen 

You would need a fish finder with a full-color screen. It is a great deal superior to black and white screens since you can see images better. Besides the color, you can also consider the screen size and resolution. With a large screen, you will be able to detect the correct place where the fishes are. Large screens, however, imply that the unit turns out to be less portable. A fish finder with 5 to 7 inch of screen is considered as the sweet spot.


There are two ways for fish finders to scan fishes and structures beneath your watercraft—side scan and down scan. Down scan imaging is effective and centered around it can make you miss targets that are not passing directly below. Then again, side scans fish would enable you to sweep heaps of water, however, isn’t as powerful as down scan imaging for deep waters. You’d need to get a fish finder with both sides and down scan imaging.


The best fish finders have GPS capacities. With this capacity, you can save places where you have fished successfully, or checkpoints of interests.

Design and toughness 

The design of the shape can influence where and how the gadget will be mounted on your watercraft. You ought to likewise get a fish finder that is waterproof and climate safe. If you’re hoping to angle in saltwater, then purchase a fish finder that is resistant to corrosion.


This is a capacity that is especially helpful if you swim with a friend. With a Wi-Fi enabled fish finder, you can interact with a phone or tablet and still observe the pictures shown on the fish finder.


It is shrewder to consider your requirements first then figure out which fish finders address those necessities.

List of Top 5 Best Fish Finders

Humminbird Helix 5 Fish Finder

Humminbird Helix 5 Fish Finder

  1. Humminbird Helix 5: This could be the best fish finder in its class. It has side and down imaging with GPS, with a splendid and clear 5-inch display.
  2. Garmin Striker 4DV: This is a decent fish finder too. It has GPS, CHIRP sonar, and waypoint map.
  3. Lowrance Hook 3x: This fish finder is not difficult to operate as well as with its Advanced Signal Processing that wipes out the need to physically change settings. It likewise has dedicated snappy keys and a power button that dallies as the backlight control.
  4. Dragonfly Pro 4: It has a 4.3 inch LCD screen with a 480 x 272 resolution. Because of its optical holding, the screen can display pictures in brilliant and sharp contrasts. This portable and minimized fish finder additionally accompanies a mobile application. It is likewise Wi-Fi capable.
  5. The Humminbird Helix 7: It has a tough and compact plan. It is likewise extremely stacked with components like GPS and side and down imaging. It additionally boasts of a higher memory which means it can draw maps a ton speedier. This could be the best fish finder in the 7-inch display range.